Visible Results with Invisible Braces

Lingual orthodontics is the correction of misaligned teeth, using a fixed brace, bonded on the inner surface of the teeth (upper, lower or both).

A lingual brace works in the same way as a conventional fixed brace, with full control and movement of the teeth, but it is nearly invisible. The only person who knows you are wearing braces is you!

Lingual braces can be for everyone, if you have healthy gums and bones. With Win lingual braces, if you are an adult, teen or child, there are individual solutions to compliment your lifestyle.

Win Lingual Systems on Teeth

5 Reasons to Move to Win Lingual Braces:

  1. Predictable results
  2. Suitable for all ages
  3. Extremely flat design for improved comfort
  4. For simple and complex cases
  5. German engineering and precision manufacturing

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Win Lingual Systems