What Makes a Good Orthodontist (7 ANSWERS)

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What makes a good orthodontist? Having dental problems can be uncomfortable, frustrating, and sometimes painful. It can also lower your self-esteem because it might affect your appearance. If you relate to this situation, the best person to go for help is an orthodontist.


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So, What Makes a Good Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dental professionals who specialize in correcting dental problems such as moving crowded teeth apart, fixing gaps, overbites, underbites, and sometimes even preventing dental irregularities. They accomplish these with the aid of devices such as braces., lingual or Invisalign. Orthodontists are more than just specialists; they are committed to improving the lives of their patients.

You can find an orthodontist in your area by searching on Google using the term ‘good orthodontics near me.’ However, it might not be easy to find a good orthodontist. Just as there are good mechanics and not so good ones, there are also bad orthodontists.

Before sharing with you about the features of a good orthodontist, consider the consequences of bad orthodontic work. The damage caused by orthodontic mistakes is far-reaching; it goes beyond the financial loss. There are many stories of bad orthodontist results linked to incompetent dental professionals. In terms of lingual technology ELOS members are the leaders in this treatment and offer braces beyond surface and aligner devices. The back of the teeth is the new front.


Here are the qualities that make your orthodontist a good one…


After graduating from the regular dental training, orthodontists spend an additional two years or more to hone their craft. On top of this, most of them attend several workshops to upgrade their knowledge of techniques like Invisalign and new orthodontic technology. One of the characteristics of good orthodontists is that they love their work and always desire to gain more skills in the field of dental surgery on top of what they got while training.

Like in any industry, technology continues to open new opportunities to improve service in the health industry. A good orthodontist should be aggressive enough to learn new techniques that can improve the service given to patients. Good orthodontists are always confident of their ability to solve most dental problems. If an orthodontist is competent enough, it doesn’t take long before word spread out.



Passion is not a trait you learn in school. Orthodontists who are passionate about their profession are not afraid to show it. Good orthodontists are driven more by the results they got than the good salary they earn.

When their patients walk out smiling, they also smile. This is arguably the main differentiator of motivated professionals and those who are not. Other traits that make a good orthodontist tend to flow naturally. Passion can manifest in the following ways:

  • Mental attentiveness and direct eye contact
  • Positive attitude and a can-do mentality
  • Positive first impression
  • Energy and enthusiasm

You can also tell a lot about a person through a simple conversation. A qualified professional will not lack in the details. Apart from your orthodontist, you can also read the morale of the staff attending to you, or even how clean the premise is. Well motivated staff will translate into positive energy and better services.


Humility and Good People Skills

Competence, intelligence, and quality of service are essential for the success in the dental profession, but they are not enough to make an orthodontist good. A good orthodontist should know how to interact with people. There are cases of doctors who are well trained in their jobs, but who fall short when it comes to handling patients.

A good orthodontist knows how to develop a rapport with his or her clients. They can make you feel cared for and safe. Good orthodontists will also show kindness to all patients irrespective of their races, income, age, gender or any other variable.

An orthodontist must also be humble in presentation and demeanor and must take their patients seriously no matter how small the issue might be. They should not encourage any interruption during a consultation or a treatment session. Undivided concentration allows a patient to feel valued and prevents occurrences of orthodontic mistakes during treatment.


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That’s not all…



Orthodontists often deal with patients who have issues with their appearance. Patients may be a bit embarrassed as they elaborate to their orthodontist how their dental problems are affecting their physical appearance. A sensitive personality attribute plays a great role in reducing the tension. These patients need reassurance through kindness and reassurance, especially when explaining how to correct the problem.


Good Communication Skills

While each profession has its lingo, a good orthodontist should be able to communicate in a way that is clear to you. He or she should also be a great listener.

Orthodontists with these qualities have learned the importance of putting aside their preconceived notions or making judgments based on the conversation they have with patients. Again, you can assess if the professional is a good communicator during your first interaction.


Use of Latest Technology

Oral technology is continually advancing. For example, in the 1980s the common devices used then were the ‘train tracks’ braces. Due to technological advancement, the braces that orthodontists use today are more flexible. They can be adjusted to match the color of the enamel.

To deliver the best results for customers, a good orthodontist is always updated on the latest technology. It is also a positive indicator if the clinic uses new electronics such as paperless billing. ELOS members are state-of-the-art experts using the most modern technology for the most modern treatment available – Welcome to Lingual Orthodontics.



Good Reviews

Reviews offer a simpler way of gauging if an orthodontist is effective or notorious for delivering bad orthodontist results. Naturally, a good orthodontist will have plenty of good reviews. If you had searched for the professional using ‘ good orthodontics near me ’ phrase, chances are that Google will also display reviews alongside the name of the professional or clinic.

That being said, good orthodontists may not always get five-star reviews. But you will be able to identify a pattern. If there are many negative reviews, then it could be an indication that the professional delivers bad orthodontic work.

In Conclusion…

Experience, passion, and willingness to help are what differentiate good professionals from the ones with bad orthodontic work ethic. Keep in mind that no one will be perfect in all the above traits, but a good orthodontist will always be stronger in most of the areas highlighted in this article. Find a lingual orthodontist or contact us to get started on an invisible braces revolution.


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What Makes a Good Orthodontist (7 ANSWERS)



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