What are [Lite] Lingual Braces?

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What are Lite Lingual Braces? Advancements in Lingual braces have come leaping into the forefront of orthodontics lately and for good reason.  Lingual braces allow you to perfect your smile without anyone knowing about it since they are attached to the backside of your teeth.


LITE Lingual braces are placed on your first six to eight front teeth. They are designed for patients with very minor corrections needed to gain a perfect smile.  There are many manufacturers who offer this type of basic lingual treatment system. Harmony, Incognito and Suresmile brands are some of the most popular right now.  Even if the corrections to your smile are minor, you may still want to hide any evidence of braces!


Where can I find Lite lingual Braces?

Since Lite lingual braces are a type of lingual braces, you need an orthodontist who has specific training and technical expertise in lingual. The American Lingual Orthodontic Association (ALOA) offers information about lingual braces and support on continuing education courses for orthodontists.  If you are seeking a lingual expert, however, look no further than the Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club (ELOS)- a consortium of true lingual experts all across the country.


Who is a good candidate for these braces?

Lite lingual braces are great for both teenagers and adults.  Lingual braces have enjoyed an upsurge in popularity. Actors, high profile executives and even professional athletes because the braces are invisible;  No one will know you are wearing braces but you and your doctor!  To find out if you are a good candidate for Lingual Lite braces, the first step is to visit MyLingualBraces.com and book a consultation with a lingual expert near you.  Remember if you need more than just minor corrections, your doctor can still give you full lingual braces.


What are the advantages of Lite lingual braces?

Lite braces are a great option if you want to avoid the look of traditional braces. You may only need five to six months of treatment using Lite lingual braces. With Harmony and Incognito lingual braces, each bracket is small and customized to your very own teeth. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

With Suresmile, the wire itself is customized and the brackets are still quite small making this a great option as well. Each lingual expert may use a different system. And in the hands of a true lingual expert, any type of lingual braces can be used and you are guaranteed the same outstanding result.


What are the disadvantages of Lite lingual braces?

Since these braces are placed on the inside surface of the teeth, they may slightly irritate your tongue at first. This irritation can be relieved by putting wax against the braces, just like traditional braces.

For the first day or so you may need to get used to speaking with the lingual braces against your tongue.  But never fear, just keep talking and this will disappear within a very short period of time!



What Steps are involved? 

Step One

The first step is booking a consultation appointment with an expert lingual orthodontist to review your treatment options. If he/she determines that Lite lingual braces are right for you, then generally a 3D working image of your teeth will be created. This is done using a small wand that takes hundreds of photos of your teeth. Then stitches them together to create the 3D image. This image is then sent to the braces manufacturing lab along with your doctor’s prescription.

Step Two

At the lab, the 3D image of your teeth combined with CAD/CAM technologies is used to generate digitally customized brackets and robotically formed arch wires. This process takes a few weeks since everything is customized to your teeth with the exact prescription from your orthodontist. So your doctor can create your beautiful smile!

Step Three

When your custom lingual braces are ready, your orthodontist will call to set up your next appointment to place your lingual braces!  At this appointment, your teeth will be prepared and the entire set of braces (top, then bottom) is placed at the same time.  Your first archwire will also be attached to the braces ensuring the gradual movement of your teeth.

Step Four

After your braces are placed, you will need to be seen roughly every 6-8 weeks to check on your treatment progress and for your doctor to make necessary adjustments.   At these appointments, your archwire will also be replaced from time to time to the next archwire in the series.

Step Five

Once you have completed your treatment, you will be given a set of clear retainers. Think of them as your insurance policy that will keep your smile looking its best.  Retainers are to be worn only at night while you sleep and will keep your smile looking beautiful for the rest of your life.


Why should you try Lite lingual Braces?

Lite lingual braces are designed to give you the perfect smile to last a lifetime. They are for those patients who need only limited corrections to make their smile beautiful.  But even if you need more then just minor corrections, lingual braces are a great option if you don’t want a metal mouth while wearing braces.  If you’ve always wanted to improve your smile, why not find an expert lingual orthodontist to find out if Lite Lingual braces are good for you?


What are [Lite] Lingual Braces?


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