The Invisible Braces Race 2018 (EPIC FACTS)

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The Invisible Braces Race. Whether you recently visited the orthodontist with your children or you haven’t been to one in a couple of decades. You probably do know that alternatives to the traditional metal brackets exist in this field. However, you might know only of one alternative when, in fact, more exist. One of the most modern forms of straightening the teeth is known as lingual braces. Upon hearing this term, you may have a host of questions. By using ELOS members sites you can see into the expertise of the orthodontists. Then decide from metal, aligners and lingual.

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What Exactly are Lingual Braces?

In terms of invisibility, your options are limited. You have clear aligners from Invisalign and other companies or lingual braces placed on the back side of your teeth. The Invisalign trend is massive and it works. ELOS member orthodontists are all Invisalign trained and successful in providing treatment to millions of happy clients. But alas, there is the further treatment option of Lingual braces.  It’s possible that you knew such devices were available for the back of the teeth but didn’t know what they were called. If you’re familiar with the metal brackets that go on the front of the teeth, you can imagine them on the back of the teeth to get a sense of what these tools look like.


Are They Invisible?

Looking at invisible aligners, these come across as invisible. They are in fact clear to the eye. This clarity is more than acceptable for most treatment patients. Looking further to lingual, these devices are invisible. You have a choice when visiting an ELOS member orthodontist. A choice between Invisalign or lingual. You can go the extra step in the invisible race and be completely without visible attachments. In a way, lingual structures are literally invisible to someone looking at you. If they are on the back of your teeth, no one is going to see them unless they are looking in your mouth. Invisible braces are appealing to both children and adults for a host of reasons.


Why Would I Want Invisible Braces?

While aesthetics are not necessarily a concern to everyone, many people do place an emphasis on their appearances. In other words, you might not like how you look with metal brackets on your teeth. An invisible set eliminates this problem. Also, you or your kids might have important events coming up where you don’t want to show brackets in the pictures. THE FULL LOWDOWN HERE

For example, these types of devices can be appealing if you’re planning to get married soon but also need your teeth straightened. The added bonus of removal with aligners is one of great interest. With lingual treatment, you need not worry. They are behind the teeth where they are safe from prying eyes, damage in sport, and the color marking of metal and foods associated with traditional metal.


Am I Eligible for Them?

Whether or not you can have these brackets is a decision that can be made only upon consultation with an orthodontist. The condition of your teeth and the ultimate goals for them are going to play major roles in whether or not you’re a candidate. When you’re searching for “invisible braces near me,” remember that you may have to select from other options like aligners or even metal in the most extreme cases.

If your case is not one of extreme needs, then eligibility in both aligner and of course lingual is apparent. There is also the possibility of having metal braces. This is until the extreme issue with your teeth is sorted, at which point you can move onto lingual and begin the invisible braces life.


How Much Do They Cost?

Of course, the cost is a concern when it comes to dental procedures; however, you will also have to discuss this element with the orthodontist. For example, some people don’t need bracing on both the top and bottom teeth. Also, the duration of time for which you have to wear them will play a role in how much they cost. Prices can also vary by location and practice. Early on in the process, you should speak to your insurance provider. This is to find out what portion of the procedure is covered if any is covered at all. ELOS members are both upfront and honest about the cost and payment options on both aligners and lingual.

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Are Payment Plans Available?

If you do learn that you have to pay for the procedure entirely or partially out-of-pocket, you may not have the funds to cover the full costs. In these cases, speak with the office to find out if payment plans are available. Keep in mind that in order to qualify for payment plans, you may need to undergo a credit check or other type of financial evaluation.


Can My Orthodontist Put Them On?

You will have to go to a practitioner who knows this contemporary orthodontic procedure. Additional training is required to work with these types of brackets. This fact provides you with the opportunity to work with a specialist and to have the greatest attention possible paid to your teeth. In the process of searching for “invisible braces near me,” make certain to select an orthodontist who is certified to work in this field. ELOS members are highly qualified and indeed some are forefathers in the creation and invention of lingual braces. ELOS members are all highly qualified within the Invisalign realm too. You can look up our member practitioners on our website to see exactly their status on all levels of the orthodontic scale.


Will I Need to Wear Them for a Long Time?

The exact amount of time for which you need to wear any type of dental structure is going to depend on your individual needs. Some people are finished wearing the brackets in less than a year, and others will wear them for two or more years. You will likely know the amount of time for which you must wear them shortly after you begin consulting with an ELOS orthodontist. Lingual bracing neither quicker or slower than its aligner counterparts. There is also the added option of quickening products available for you. These products like AcceleDent and others speed up the process considerably and all ELOS members can advise and provide these products.

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Will I Feel Any Discomfort?

Since you are having metal brackets put on the back of your teeth, your mouth is unlikely to feel exactly how it did before the procedure. However, this fact doesn’t mean that you’re going to feel excruciating discomfort and pain for a protracted period of time. You can speak with your orthodontist about what specifically you should expect in your individual circumstances. In any case, though, you are likely to become accustomed to the new sensations soon. Discomfort will come from your tongue and gums where they meet the bracing device regardless of the treatment you are undergoing.


Can I Eat Whatever I Want?

The exact placement of the brackets can affect what you’re permitted to eat. Generally, however, when you have metal brackets, you will need to watch the foods that you consume. Instead of worrying about what you can’t eat, use this opportunity as one to craft a healthier diet and to try out new cuisine. The main concern for your ELOS orthodontist would be having food stuck in the brackets and causing problems like gum disease and other issues of oral health. ALigners can be removed but this causes treatment speeds to decline and is a burden on social life activities. It is known that lingual braces are less intrusive on your eating habits.


Are My Kids Eligible?

If your children are the ones who need to have this dental procedure done, you may wonder what they are eligible for. The brackets do need to fit properly on the teeth. So this issue could be one that prevents some children from procuring the procedure. In any case, when you speak with an expert in contemporary orthodontics, you’ll know for sure what options are available for your kids.

All of our members are extremely knowledgeable on pediatric orthodontics and will advise you. Children will oft go for the aligners. They are subjected to peer scrutiny at school and in social circles. Thus the clarity of the molds helps no end in disguising themselves as a normal. But as a parent, you could steer them toward a more invisible treatment. Some are made of gold color too and who doesn’t like gold.


What If I Want a Different Type of Procedure Done?

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, a variety of options are out there. However, the first step is for the orthodontist to determine what it is that you are eligible for. Once this information is sorted out, you can speak with the orthodontist about the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution for your personal circumstances. All types carry a pro and con element. Lingual braces are no exception to this rule, alas with lingual you are rest assured no one will notice them.  All others have a noticeability to them.


Here’s the Kicker

A few decades ago, patients didn’t have too many options when their teeth needed straightening. With the development of new techniques and tools, those limited confines have changed. These types of brackets are yet another option to explore. You learn that when you’ll need to start seeing the orthodontist regularly.

In conclusion, whether metal, aligner or lingual technology is your final choice, ELOS member orthodontists are ready to advise. Then treat you with whatever treatment is most suitable and affordable. But given the contemporary need for invisibility why not take the lead and win the race with lingual braces. The truly invisible braces orthodontic treatment system.


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The Invisible Braces Race 2018 (EPIC FACTS)

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