Mail Order Braces – The Sad Truth (2018)

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Mail Order Braces – The Sad Truth. Today, you can order just about anything online and have it show up in your mailbox. While mail order braces seem like they offer the ultimate convenience for getting the perfect smile, you may be wondering just how effective they are in the long run. The sad truth is that mail order braces companies are not all alike. While some make false claims such as being able to get straighter teeth in a week. Others may tell you that their braces can fix problems that they cannot.


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Orthodontic care is a fine art that requires an orthodontist to weigh factors such as the features of your mouth, face and your lifestyle an then they are able to develop an effective treatment plan customized to you. You should also understand that the quality of the materials used to make your plastic retainers affects the results since misshapen or broken aligners will not effectively move your teeth. Your goal is to get a straighter, more beautiful smile. Use this information to guide your decisions regarding how to straighten your teeth the right way and to avoid disappointment.


Know How to Scout Out a Scam

Sadly, some companies try to capitalize on people’s desperation to have a more beautiful smile. While looks aren’t everything, you are aware that your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. Going through life with crooked or misaligned teeth can damage your self-esteem, and being desperate to have straighter teeth leaves you vulnerable to scammers.

Since being scammed costs you money and time, looking for an orthodontist that knows how to straighten your teeth should be a priority. Naturally, you should always be wary of any company that does not have an established presence. You can also check reviews online to determine if a company is legitimate.

Scammers typically do not have pictures that prove their results, and you should never work with a company that does not take impressions of your teeth. After all, mail order braces results are based upon how the aligners fit your current mouth structure. Without proper impressions, there is no way to create the aligners.

It is worth noting also, The Smile Direct braces and their counterparts only supply tooth straighteners. The product is not for jaw alignment or maxilla movement. You may only get these products for aesthetic treatment. Meaning you need to correct small minor imperfections.


Understand How Lingual Braces Work

Lingual braces are rapidly replacing traditional metal, clear and aligners as the only true invisible method for treating orthodontic issues. The pre-made wire fits into brackets behind the teeth to place pressure on certain spots on your teeth to push them into place. Over time, the ligaments and other soft tissues in your mouth get used to where your teeth should rest until the effects become permanent. Remember, however, that this only works if the right amount of pressure is applied to the correct places on your teeth. This is why an orthodontist’s knowledge is so critical to the process. Learn here in more detail.


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Determine Your Goals for Your Smile

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a smile perfect. For instance, you may hate how your two front teeth stick out while another person may like this quirk. Keep in mind that while you may have preferences for your smile, you need an expert orthodontist to help you identify how using braces can improve your overall oral health. For instance, your straighter teeth will be easier to brush and floss.

You can also eliminate issues such as cracked or damaged teeth that occur when you have a misaligned bite and prevent further wear. Mail order braces companies simply do not provide you with this level of consultation. So that you may never really understand how the treatment affects your mouth.


Compare the Cost to the Benefits

There really is some truth to the saying that you get what you pay for. While mail order braces may cost less than getting lingual braces from an orthodontist, you may pay a higher price in discomfort or even ruined teeth. Your mail order braces cost involves paying a flat fee. This is regardless of the types of issues that you have in your mouth. However, it does not include other costs for your care that may be needed such as palatial expanders or retainers. While orthodontic care does require you to pay for the treatments, you will find that having a beautiful smile makes the cost worth it.



Plan to Follow Your Treatment Schedule

When you think about your mail order braces cost, you should remember the smaller cost matches the smaller expertise you receive from professionals. The treatment plan for mail order braces is also complete, but there is no way of knowing how well it works. Will your retainer be in for months or the rest of your life? You won’t know that you get your aligners from companies like Smile Direct and similar operations.

After using lingual braces, it is common to need to continue to wear a final tray for months. Some people need retainers for the rest of their life. You need an expert orthodontist to help you understand what your long-term prognosis is. When you have your first consultation, make sure to learn about all of your orthodontic issues along with the anticipated types of treatment that are required so that you can maintain that same smile.


Make Sure to Work With an Expert Orthodontist

When braces are done wrong, you can face serious trauma to your teeth and gums. For instance, improperly fitted plastic aligners can rub on your gums and generate pain. In the worst case scenario, your teeth could be moved to the wrong positions. And this can place you at risk for decay, tooth fractures and embarrassment over your appearance in the future.

With an expert orthodontist on your side, you don’t have to worry about these issues. While they still order your lingual braces from a laboratory, they are able to use their expertise to make sure that they fit your mouth properly. And are working. If they do notice a problem, such as your teeth moving too fast, then they can make subtle adjustments to get everything perfect.



Here’s the Kicker

When push comes to shove, you should only use braces designed by an Orthodontist. And of course lingual braces under the guidance of a qualified lingual orthodontist who understands how each subtle change in the wire guides your teeth into the proper position. Now that you know how lingual braces work, arrange for your smile to be straightened by an expert orthodontist today.

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Mail Order Braces – The Sad Truth (2018)

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