Lingual Braces (and the Role of Orthodontic Robots)

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Robots. A New Form of Invisible Braces Made Possible by Robotic technology. Firstly, Custom lingual braces are one of the newest forms of braces available today.  Similar to Invisalign and clear ceramic braces, they fall into the category of Invisible Braces. They are clearly the most invisible option on the market today.  The growth of robotic technology has not overlooked the world of dentistry. Neither has the growth of CAD/CAM imaging technology or 3D printing. The creation of custom lingual braces uses all three.



Lingual braces get their name from the fact that they’re placed on the inside surface of the teeth and thus share the same space as the edges of the tongue.  They have a low profile, making them smooth and comfortable.  Designed to custom fit your specific teeth, they are extremely efficient at creating your perfect smile. Advantages over other type are:

  1. Superior robotic bending accuracy
  2. Specific wires for each patient
  3. Options for both labial and lingual treatments
  4. Broad selections of compatible wires


The Role of Robots in Invisible Braces

Robots are crucial in creating your custom smile with lingual braces. Robots are used for the precise bending and shaping of the wires according to your doctor’s prescription when you opt for lingual braces that ultimately result in your beautiful new smile.  This makes lingual braces precise to the fraction of a millimeter, which leads to a faster treatment time and razor-sharp results.


The Role of CAD / CAM Imaging and 3D Printing

When you opt for lingual braces, your Orthodontist will probably scan your teeth using a small wand that takes hundreds of pictures and stitches them together to create a 3D image of your teeth.  Thus, with this in hand, your orthodontist has better tools to create your custom smile.  Your orthodontist can also quickly send your smile file to the appropriate company for processing, thereby cutting down on production time.

Once your images are received for processing along with the prescription from your doctor for your brand new smile, your braces are ready to be fabricated.  The first crucial step is to 3D print your smile file in order to create your custom fitted braces.


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Who is a Good Candidate for Lingual Braces?

Every patient is a candidate for lingual braces, no matter how complex your situation may be.  As a patient, it is important that you choose your orthodontist wisely. Find a true lingual braces expert if you choose to go with lingual braces.  Only a lingual braces expert can understand the challenges of working with braces located on the inside surface of your teeth. Not all orthodontists even offer lingual braces.  Ask if your orthodontist has worked with lingual braces before and if so, how frequently.



Finally, find an orthodontist today who has experience with lingual braces, and learn all about the different types of invisible braces on the market today. Accordingly, you can visit us and find out all you need to know to make sure you are in the hands of a lingual expert.

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Lingual Braces (and the Role of Orthodontic Robots)

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