Patient feedback is very important to the elite lingual orthodontists who constantly strive to deliver a better orthodontic experience from their patient’s very first consultation to the day they get their braces off.

Below is a small selection of unsolicited testimonials from real patients of ELOStm
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“If you are looking for a reliable orthodontist in Northern VA, Dr. Tisseront is your man!

He and his staff did such a great job with my lingual braces (braces on the inside of your teeth).  When you join them you feel like you become a part of their family and they treat you that way at every visit!

I was incredibly nervous about getting lingual braces but now I am so glad I moved forward! My teeth look awesome and I have Dr. Tisseront and his team to thank!”

Amanda B.Review about Tisseront Orthodontics

“These guys REALLY know what they’re doing!  I came to Dr. Tisseront based off a  recommendation from a friend who is also a patient. I just turned 27 so traditional braces were absolutely not  (purely for vanity reasons) an option for me.  The consultation was extremely thorough, his staff extremely helpful and friendly. I wanted to get a second opinion on their recommended patient plan so I had them speak to a family friend  who was also my hometown dentist. Dr. Tisseront was more than happy to take the time to call my friend after office hours and spend more than an hour explaining his recommendation.

I have been wearing harmony braces (hidden behind your teeth) for three months now and everyone is amazed at how quickly my teeth have moved. I already have a beautiful smile!

When all is said and done I will have spent upwards of 10K (they have a very reasonable payment plan) but I don’t think I would trust anyone else with my teeth at this point and feel like this was a truly an investment well made.”

Sara M.Review about Tisseront Orthodontics

“Dr. Pitner always had a smile on her face and was interested in what was going on in my life. She is very thorough and made sure I was on track every visit. The office staff was very welcoming, from the minute I started to the second I was done. Every staff member is extremely personable and genuine. My new smile is beautiful. It feels very good to hear other people compliment how straight or pretty my teeth are.”

William B.Review about Pitner Orthodontics

“Dr. Leslie and her staff of friendly and educated women are FABULOUS! They treat you like family and will take very great care of you. You will walk in the practice and feel welcomed and leave with a humongous SMILE on your face. THIS IS THE BEST ORTHODONTIST EVER! I would recommend everyone to come and join the best team ever.”

Kenyaita G.Review about Pitner Orthodontics

“Since I started going to The Schulhof Center in Oradell, NJ I’m not scare to go to the dentist anymore. Dr. Adam Schulhof and his staff are caring, knowledgeable and professional. I always try to keep a positive and happy attitude, and now you guys have given me a beautiful smile to go with it. Thanks and keep up the good work!”

Jacqueline M.Review about The Schulhof Center

“The office is absolutely beautiful! The staff is SO friendly and they truly care about all their patients. The payment plans were extremely helpful and all done in house, AND interest free! My smile is now perfect thanks to the Schulhof Center!”

Kristina M.Review about The Schulhof Center

“As a 36 year old who needed braces for the second time, I am thrilled with my experience at Comella Ortho. I went with Dr. Comella because he was able to put braces on behind the teeth for me. This was important to me as I didn’t want to be “seen” with braces at 36! The whole staff was super friendly from start to finish. I was always able to get in for a quick appointment if needed, and each time I came in, I didn’t even have a chance to sit down before I was called back. They were very efficient. I was told I would need my braces on for 15 months, and it ended up being only 10 months, which was a nice surprise.

I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who needs braces. Thank you! Love my teeth!”

Clairebear F.Review about Comella Orthodontics

“All my family went through Comella orthodontics! I started with the behind-the-teeth braces, then my two older children and my little one is about to as well! I can only recommend Comella Orthodontics! The care was perfect, my teeth got straight in 12 months, my kids just love it there!
It was very competitive price-wise but the best part is that the Comella team makes you feel like you are part of the family! It doesn’t feel like a “brace factory” like other places in town! Last but not least, Dr. Comella is just the best doctor ever! He’s considerate and always attentive to your needs. But he also is a wonderful person! And so is Joan, the office manager:)
Comella Orthodontics rocks!”

Val C.Review about Comella Orthodontics

“After being extremely pleased with Dr. Emerson and his staff when our 8 year old daughter who had an under bite and severe overcrowding needed braces, I decided to take the step and get braces for myself at 49 years old. I had always wanted to straighten my bottom teeth and after my daughter got braces, I thought the time had finally arrived. From the first consultation, Dr. Emerson was much more concerned about what would be best for me as an adult considering cost, time and comfort versus what was in his best interest. They gave me three different options and after much thought, I chose the lingual braces (Incognito). Although, they were a difficult adjustment at first (these bones had been there for 49 years), Dr. Emerson stood by his timeline commitment given to me originally and after just under 2 years, I now have perfectly straight teeth and am absolutely thrilled with the results. Not only is Dr. Emerson’s staff friendly and helpful but their office runs like a fine oiled machine and they work together quite efficiently. Because of the wonderful experience both my daughter and I had, my husband decided to get braces and he has had his porcelain front facing braces on for approximately 5 months. We plan on having our 5 year old see Dr. Emerson in a couple of years to start the process for her as well. We highly recommend Dr. Emerson and his staff to anyone who wants to consider braces. Our experience has been and continues to be fantastic!”

Stephanie G.Review about Emerson Orthodontics

“When I first visited Dr. Emerson, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but knew I wanted straight teeth. They worked with me concerning what would be the best treatment. I decided on Incognito, from the moment my decision was made, Dr. Emerson’s staff went to work making sure that I was comfortable, understood what they would be doing and answered any and all questions that I had. The Incognito braces were challenging at first, as I’m sure any braces are, but after the initial shock of just having braces on, I realized that they were they best fit for me. Dr. Emerson and his staff were always willing to fit me in when and if I had any issues (poking wires or thinking there may be a broken wire). I can’t express how wonderful Dr. Emerson and his staff have been, they treat you with the upmost respect and like you are a member of the family! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Emerson and his staff to anyone who needs a GREAT Orthodontist!”

Debbie W.Review about Emerson Orthodontics

review grauer orthodontics - natalie

“Dr. Grauer is really the best in his field, especially with lingual braces. As Miss California USA, it was important to me to be able to straighten my teeth without any visible work being done. His absolute confidence to fix my bottom teeth that shifted after my wisdom teeth grew in impressed me so much, that I knew I was going to get great results! I never thought such a precise fix would be possible. He showed me exactly how the outcome was going to look with computer imaged models, and now, only a short 6-months later, I have exactly what was promised. I’m so incredibly happy that I came to you Dr. Grauer, thank you SO much for my perfect smile!”

Natalie - Miss California USAReview about Grauer Orthodontics

testimonial grauer orthodontics - talia

“Having worn braces 4 separate times in my life, I definitely consider myself an authority on the “Orthodontic Experience”. Dr. Grauer and his staff not only gave me the perfect smile, but the perfect experience. As a fitness professional, I know I can train my body into proper form, and now thanks to Dr. Grauer and lingual braces, they’ve trained my teeth as well.”

Talia - Model / TV Host - IFBB Professional - Miss Bikini USA 2011Review about Grauer Orthodontics

“I knew I needed braces and wasn’t crazy about the idea of dealing with the metal on the outside of my teeth! I was aware of invisalign but did not know if that would work for me. After going over the options it seemed like lingual braces were the way to go to get my teeth fixed.  I was thrilled to know I wouldn’t have to walk around as metal-mouth for 2 years!  Dr. Amy and her team are friendly, warm, and professional.  I know I am glad I chose your practice for my orthodontic adventure! ”

“As a teacher, I didn’t want my braces to be seen and for the students to think of me as a kid that’s why I chose lingual braces.  I can’t say enough about Dr. James and her team. Since this was my third time in braces, I searched around for an orthodontist who could offer a more cosmetic approach and who was willing to talk and explain to me the concerns I had. Dr. Amy James and her staff made me feel comfortable and were very supportive. I love my new smile :-)”

“I couldn’t recommend Forest Hill Orthodontics more. The staff are SO nice, and they seemed to make it their mission to perfect my smile during the three years I was there. I just got my debonding done yesterday, and I almost wish that I could’ve kept them on for longer just so that I could keep on seeing the staff for my checkups. The location is excellent, and the office itself is very, very nice. If you are thinking of going to FHO, do it!!”

Meg S.Review about Forest Hill Orthodontics

“The entire staff is outstanding – courteous, efficient, professional, proficient and very friendly. Oh yeah, everyone has a great smile !”

Daniel R.Review about Forest Hill Orthodontics

“As an adult thought the time and opportunity had passed to fix my teeth.  I’m grateful for Dr. Neil and his team for proving to me that I can, in fact, have a better smile and save myself serious dental issues later in life. He fitted me with an incognito dental system, with is virtually invisible. In a year of having these braces I’ve yet to have someone notice the braces without me pointing them out.

The other doctors and assistants are professional; making what imagined to be an excruciating experience relatively painless.  The staff is very friendly, caring and flexible. I work across Chicagoland and I’ve had the opportunity to make appointments at several different offices to fit my schedule.

In short, I’d recommend Get it Straight to anyone, children or adults, looking for a caring, professional experience.”

Jonn B.Review about Get It Straight Orthodontics

“I had braces as a kid but then saw my top teeth move quite a bit over the years (I don’t think my original orthodontist did a very good job retaining the work he had done). They had shifted to the point that I became extremely unhappy with how I was looking in pictures. After I got engaged, I felt like it was the right time for me to look into getting them re-straightened. I went somewhere else initially inquiring about Invisalign and was not thrilled with what they were projecting there. Too long and too many buttons on the front of my teeth for it to be worth it. I went to Get it Straight as a last resort to see what they could do. At this point is was less than 5 months before my wedding.

The recommended Incognito Lite (the braces that go behind your teeth) and it was the perfect solution for me. Not only did I make it through wedding showers and the bachelorette party with no one noticing that I was having any orthodontic work done, but my fiancé never even noticed! My family started to notice something was different but they had no idea what since it didn’t look like anything was on my teeth. And as the icing on the cake, I was done with my treatment in time for my wedding! I did not think that was going to be possible.

The group at Get it Straight did a great job accommodating my schedule, particularly since I had a lot going on with wedding stuff. I never had to wait more than 10 minutes in the waiting room – and frequently they took me back early.

All in all – couldn’t be happier. So glad I found them.”

Nicole L.Review about Get It Straight Orthodontics

“I always look always look forward to going to Depew orthodontics. They have a great staff and are always waiting for you at the door welcoming you. I have found a great comfort in letting them work on my teeth and u absolutely hate having my teeth touched but they make it so I don’t hate it as much. It’s wonderful. I hope you find comfort in going here. It’s great!”

Kathlien M.Review about Depew Orthodontics

“Dr. Depew & his office staff displayed the highest level of professionalism. Everyone was very friendly & experienced. It is apparent that their #1 priority is the health of their patients’ teeth. We are so glad that we chose Dr. Depew’s office for my son’s braces. We are very pleased with the overall experience. Thank you!”

Cari K.Review about Depew Orthodontics

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