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Lingual Braces Reddit. Firstly, we all love the internet. We all love beautiful smiles. What happens when the two  combine? Moreover, that’s where Lingual Braces Reddit come in. They have both in their own way taken their respective platforms by storm. Thus, on Reddit, you will find people. Accordingly, these people are from all over the world with all sorts of teeth in all states. Finally, you can ask questions, answer questions and post or see progress pictures of treatment stages.

Questions on your mind? We guarantee they are answered by your peers on Reddit.

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Currently, the Lingual Braces Reddit thread has nearly 4 thousand subscribers.  In conclusion, at Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club (ELOS) Orthodontics, we love community, we love people and most of all we love beautiful smiles. Furthermore, we are proud to have attained International acclaim and more proud to work with YOU!


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Lingual Braces – What Are They?

Lingual braces attach behind your teeth so no one knows you’re receiving orthodontic treatment and straightening your teeth. Moreover, no embarrassing aligners to remove at the dinner table or food caught in your braces. In fact, lingual braces are the only truly invisible way to straighten your teeth consistently successfully.

Accordingly, by having an ELOS specialist place hidden braces on the inside surface of your teeth, you’ll be in the hands of a true lingual braces expert and you won’t be showing off any metal. Lingual braces are digitally designed and customized to fit the inside of your teeth. In conclusion, the lingual braces brands most commonly used today are Harmony bracesIncognito braces and Suresmile.

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