Braces or Aligners (Which is the right one for you?)

From wiry, metallic braces to high-end invisible mouthpieces, the world of dentistry has surely evolved. With technology advancing so fast, orthodontic companies have been keeping up with their new inventions that are better than the traditional ones we’re all familiar with. One of the new lines of inventions is the “invisible” teeth-correctors. The most popular of this invisible line is the linguals and aligners. Both of which have massive differences but have the same main purpose: to straighten out teeth and to be invisible.


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What are Lingual Braces?

Are you thinking of having your teeth corrected but don’t like the way the traditional correctors look like? Then this treatment might be the one for you. Lingual braces are a kind of orthodontic treatment that will even out your teeth by being strategically positioned at the back of those pearls. As a working adult, you wouldn’t want to look unprofessional and teen-looking by having those traditional front-teeth metals and wires.


Lingual Genius

It’s a genius thing that orthodontists have invented the linguals that are basically invisible. No one will expect you’re wearing these except for those first few weeks where you’ll talk a bit silly with the letters “S” and “T” and will probably only eat in tiny portions.

Linguals can be on your teeth in a shorter period compared to how long you’re going to wear the traditional ones. It will only take two years or less before your orthodontist finally removes it. Another thing you should know about is that you have to take extra care when wearing linguals. Because of how hard it’s going to be when brushing your teeth due to its complicated positioning that will be hard for a regular toothbrush to reach.


There’s More…

These are also quite expensive because of its unusual design, materials used and laboratory services, it will cost you more than $5000 for all of these in full payment. As expensive as it is though, these deliver almost perfect and immediate results to the wearer. One of the downsides of these is that most orthodontists do not recommend these to anyone who has short teeth. This is due to its larger size of metals that are going to be pasted on your teeth and connect the wiring.

There are going to be some process’s for you to undergo when availing linguals. And one of them is the custom-fitting of these using sophisticated techniques and technologies. Also, one of the steps in the planning stage is where you and your orthodontist will talk about the entire timeline. Also schedules of visits you’re going to have to attend as a wearer of this type of retainer.

By reading the information above, you must have an idea now whether you want this kind of dental treatment for your teeth, to help you decide more precisely, you can answer these quiz questions below:

  • Do you like the invisibility of this treatment?
  • Do you like how they are hidden behind your teeth?
  • Are you fine with the intensive steps you’re going to have to experience?
  • Can you afford this?


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What are Aligners?

Another way for an invisible and effective straightening of your teeth is by wearing aligners. These are non-metallic and don’t have metals, screws, and wires that linguals exhibit. They are plastic slip-ons—much like mouthpieces—that are custom-made and molded to the current shape of your teeth. They are clear and transparent and just a little tighter so your teeth will have to move together accordingly to the correct alignment. The most well-known manufacturer of this type of treatment is Invisalign®.

Aligners are much more popular than linguals. Because of how easy-looking it is and how many orthodontic clinics are offering it. It’s expensive too, around $5,000 and above for the full payment plan. But the price is worth it because of the amazing results it usually gives to the wearer. It’s also more comfortable because there are no bulging metal screws that will hinder your lips and tongue. And you can remove it anytime you want, either for brushing, flossing or eating. But keep in mind that it’s made of plastic and acrylic, they can get discolored if you’re always consuming colored foods. And the shape of your aligners can distort with hot drinks.


Time Scale

The estimated time that it will take to straighten your teeth out is one to two years. Lesser for those who already had a full correcting treatment before and only want the aligner as a retainer and for minor corrections. In between, this time period is the numerous times you’re going to have to visit your orthodontist. This is for the alignment scheduling where he/she will issue a new aligner tray that will always be tighter than the last.

There’s going to be several sets of aligners that you will have to wear before you’re done with the entire treatment. Around twenty to thirty sets of them depending upon the prior condition of your teeth. Usually, you have to go to your orthodontist twice a month for the alignment.


There’s More…

Unlike linguals that are recommended to adults and people with long teeth, aligners are allowed to be worn by children and teens that have problems such as crowding and spacing of their teeth. Aligners can also treat severe orthodontic cases.

There’s a long process in the making of your aligners in which you will have to be present about. In the process is the fitting of your teeth every time you visit. Some high-end clinics will use sophisticated technology that will only scan your teeth. The scans will be able to make an accurate three-dimensional print of the entire structure of each of those pearls of yours.

To know if aligners are the right treatment for your dental problems, please answer the following quiz below:

  • Do you like the way it’s invisible?
  • Do you have crowded/gap/overbite/underbite/crossbite/openbite teeth?
  • Is this treatment available in a dental clinic near you?
  • Are you ready to commit on the time frame?
  • Can you afford it?




Having gorgeous, even teeth can have a huge effect on people’s confidence and personality. A way to achieve this is by visiting orthodontic clinics once in a while to ensure that your teeth are in good health. If they’re not, there are several treatments out there for your dental problems, such as the aligners and the linguals. Consult with your orthodontist and get to know which one of these two can be the solution to your concerns. Either way, they deliver incredible and successful results.

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Lingual Braces or Aligners (Which is the right one for you?)

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