How Do Lingual Braces Fix Teeth? (Tilted or Uneven)

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Can You Have a Dazzling Smile with Braces Behind Your Teeth? When you need to fix crooked teeth or have a tilted or uneven smile that is caused by dental malocclusions, it is essential to visit an orthodontist for treatment. At an orthodontic facility, you can have a thorough examination with medical images to determine what you need  to repair your misaligned teeth.


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How Do Lingual Braces Fix Teeth

Accordingly, your orthodontist will determine if you have minor to severe dental malocclusions. If you have moderate to severe misalignments, then you will need braces to fix the problems. When you are embarrassed about wearing traditional metal braces or modern ceramic braces on the fronts of your teeth, you should consider lingual system braces for your malocclusions.


How Can You Find ELOS Members for Orthodontic Treatment?

If you want to have the best experience from wearing braces on the backs of your teeth, then look for orthodontists who are members of the Elite Orthodontic Study Club with an online search by state, city or zip code. ELOS members have special training in placing braces on the backs of your teeth where it is difficult to see the brackets and wires. This is one of the newest types of orthodontic treatments for adults, teenagers and children, but some orthodontists haven’t received training in this variety of braces. There is a good chance that lingual braces will replace other types of braces in the future to fix teeth.


What Are the Benefits from Lingual System Braces on the Backs of the Teeth?

Wearing braces is essential to fix problems such as gaps between the teeth or teeth that are tilted in the wrong direction. In addition to creating a dazzling smile, you will want to repair a bad bite to prevent problems such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction along with chewing or talking difficulties.


  • Live your life without the unsightly look of traditional braces
  • Straighten your smile without anyone knowing
  • Same amount of time to straighten your teeth
  • Perfect choice for business professionals, professional athletes and actors/actresses
  • Fewer decalcification marks on the fronts of the teeth
  • Easier to play some types of musical instruments


This variety of braces to fix teeth has been available since the 1970s, but the devices have only become popular in the past few years. For anyone who has avoided having noticeable braces on her teeth, choosing braces for the backs of the teeth can lead to improvements in a smile in two to four years. Here are some of the problems that braces for the backs of the teeth can correct:


  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Overjet
  • Underbite
  • Overcrowding
  • Overlapping
  • Wide gaps
  • Tilted teeth


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When you feel self-conscious about your facial appearance because you have an uneven smile, repairing your teeth with braces can change your life. Rather than hiding your mouth while you talk, you can smile with confidence, making it easier to enjoy your time in a job or at school. An orthodontist can place braces on the backs of your teeth quickly, and you will learn how to care for the devices with brushing and flossing.

In addition, you may want to use an oral irrigator that emits pressurized water against your teeth. Adjusting to braces does take time, and you will need to consume a soft diet for several weeks. It will also take time to learn how to talk properly because you must learn how to move your tongue differently against the brackets and wires on your teeth.


What Types of Foods Can You Eat with Lingual Braces?

To prevent damage as the brackets and wires of the braces worn on the backs of your teeth apply pressure to shift the teeth, you must eat certain foods, and also, you must avoid certain foods. Here are some dietary recommendations from orthodontists:


  • Consume dairy foods such as cheese
  • Avoid fibrous vegetables
  • Eat soft proteins such as chicken, fish and beef
  • Avoid hard rolls and bagels
  • Drink low-acid juices to protect the metal of the braces
  • Stay away from potato chips, pretzels or popcorn
  • Eat cooked vegetables to get enough nutrients
  • Don’t eat sticky or hard candies
  • Avoid raw fruits and vegetables
  • Cut foods into small pieces for easy chewing
  • Stay away from sugary foods and beverages
  • Eat soups, casseroles or stews
  • Remove meat from bones
  • Avoid foods and beverages that will stain braces


How Can You Care for the Braces on the Backs of Your Teeth?

You should use a soft toothbrush and white toothpaste to brush your teeth. It is a good idea to have a small mirror to look inside your mouth while you brush and floss. Using dental floss does require practice because it is difficult to maneuver the thread between your teeth and the wires. Use an oral irrigator at least once a week to remove additional food debris and bacteria. You can use mouthwash if it is recommended by your orthodontist.



How Do Braces Straighten and Realign Your Teeth?

Braces fix your teeth with a customized archwire that is designed by your orthodontist and a computer software program. The brackets and wires will apply pressure against the visible part of each tooth and to the roots of the teeth. This pressure will shift the teeth slowly into the proper positions in your mouth. Thus, you must visit your orthodontist routinely for examinations to make sure that the brackets and wires are in the best condition, and your orthodontist may need to tighten the wires. This can cause some discomfort, but you can do several things to reduce the pain, including:


  • Placing ice packs on the face
  • Taking pain relievers found at drugstores
  • Using a heating pad on the face
  • Rubbing dental wax on your teeth or gums
  • Drinking cool or warm beverages


You can fix your teeth invisibly now. If you follow your orthodontist’s recommendations, then with lingual braces, you can have a dazzling smile with straighter teeth in only a few years. Finally, find a member today to learn more about braces for the backs of your teeth or any other style of bracing like Invisalign.

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How Do Lingual Braces Fix Teeth? (Tilted or Uneven)

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