Braces (Am I a Good Lingual Candidate?)

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You may have heard of a new type of orthodontic treatment. It goes much the same as the traditional type; utilizing brackets and wires to move teeth into alignment. But, alas, these braces mentioned herein are placed on the rear side of the teeth. Yes. That’s the back of your teeth. Read on for the lowdown on whether you are a good lingual candidate.

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Am I a Lingual Candidate?

Firstly, lingual technology has come far. Above all, it was invented for use by a Playboy model and taken on by Hollywood actors. After the first few attempts, it became a viable option for those who needed to disguise treatment. Moreover, it has the same result as all other forms of orthodontic treatment, depending if you the user want to have the style of treatment that nobody will ever see.

It has the pros and cons of all other orthodontic treatments and everyone qualifies as a candidate for this new and rapidly growing treatment style. Read below for facts to help you decide if you ready to start your behind the teeth braces journey.


Certainly, your bite situation or levels of malocclusion will be addressed with your lingual treatment.  Even with a significant overbite lingual braces will work for you! You may have heard that an overbite makes braces behind the teeth an impossible options as your lower teeth will hit the upper and break them. Your expert lingual provider will be able to asses your bite and make the perfect diagnosis for you. This may include the use if bite blocks to avoid biting on the braces.


Treatment times vary and are not the same as other types of treatment. It has been proven that lingual braces can have a shorter time span from start to finish and but mostly it is the same. Patience comes from the time it takes to see your orthodontist and have the braces checked and adjusted if necessary.

Furthermore, patience comes from your behavior. This is so because you must take time to pick, clean, poke and find food and other oral detriments in order to keep your dental health to the best it can be. Care must be taken when cleaning so as to not affect the brackets and wires. This is the same for all types of braces though.


To change your lifestyle a little.

  • Sore tongue
  • Difficulties with speech at first
  • Changes what foods you can eat
  • Cleaning effort

Your tongue will have ruled over your mouth since your very beginning. It will now have an invader. This means your tongue will have to get used to sharing the inside of your mouth with metal wires and brackets. The results are sores and cuts on the tongue. As with other bracing methods that affect your gums; as a person getting orthodontic treatment, you will suffer small and annoying things. Its the result you seek, so these things are livable.

Your speech could be affected too. The possibility of having a bit of a lisp at first is likely for the fist few days. You expert lingual braces orthodontist will provide you will all the tools you need to get adjusted to the braces. As with all oral brace wearers you shall overcome.

Diet is affected. You can’t eat hard or crunchy foods, alas they break the brackets. Your lingual provider will have a list of foods to avoid or alternatives to help you as you navigate this new journey.

Again, cleaning is a paramount subject to lingual brace users. You will find nooks and crannies in the teeth line you never knew existed. Newfangled apparatus will adorn your bathroom cupboard. Mouthwash will be your new best friend as will all types of braces.


Firstly, the cost of lingual treatment is more than that of other treatments due to the customized brackets and wires you receive. But, not by much. Given that it is the newest treatment available today, the small cost above that of traditional braces or Invisalign makes sense. This price increase takes into account the customization of this system. Access to the back of teeth takes more concentration, time and effort on behalf of the orthodontist. Being a lingual candidate takes a small investment to have a truly invisible solution to straightening your teeth.


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Braces (Am I a Good Lingual Candidate?)

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