eLock II ebraceseBraces are a revolutionary design in the field of orthodontics that have the primary goal of realigning and straightening the patient’s teeth. Additionally, they also are designed to support other factors of oral health and the straightening of teeth leads to more feasible cleaning.


The innovative eLock II self-ligating lingual bracket system is a specialized orthodontic instrument that comes with a variety of benefits. Orthodontists who use this product with their patients are highly trained and competent in its placement, use, maintenance, benefits, and final results. The following is a list of the essential benefits associated with the new eLock II lingual system, complete with effective explanations:

  • Customized CAD design – These eBraces are developed with a comfortable mesh pad at the base of the bracket and are highly customizable to suit the needs of each individual.
  • A smaller bracket than previous designs – both the mesh pad and the bracket body are now molded together into a single piece rather than being welded.
  • Easy operation – the clips are now designed to respond to both front and back teeth in a similar manner, making the overall procedure simpler for the orthodontist.
  • Greater performance – the lingual bracket system is developed with a passive self-ligating capacity, less friction force, and enhanced control of teeth movement.
  • Greater flexibility – the hook and upper wing are designed to allow other accessories, such as elastic rings, to be attached without taking up too much space.
  • User-friendly design – the archwire is held tightly in place by the metal clips, which offer greater durability than rubber bands and are the cause of the self-ligating ability.

In Conclusion

Professional orthodontists all over the world are beginning to discover this remarkable design by Riton Biomaterial Co., and it is leading to further advancements in the field as a whole, in addition to the vast amount of satisfied clients of the product.

As new products and innovations arise, the understanding of human oral health and the peculiarities of orthodontic instruments will continue to be improved upon in order to maximize the benefits to the patient.

For more information about eBraces, find an orthodontist near you and schedule a consultation. Starting your journey to achieve healthy, straight teeth is only a click away.