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Do (Behind The Teeth) Braces Hurt?

These dental appliances offer a means of straightening teeth without anyone knowing you are doing it. They are placed on the tongue side of the teeth thus hiding them from view. Here is what you need to know about these dental apertures.

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How Do Lingual Braces Fix Teeth? (Tilted or Uneven)

Can You Have a Dazzling Smile with Braces Behind Your Teeth? When you need to fix crooked teeth or have a tilted or uneven smile that is caused by dental malocclusions, it is essential to visit an orthodontist for treatment. At an orthodontic facility, you can have a thorough examination with medical images to determine what you need  to repair your misaligned teeth.

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Braces (Am I a Good Lingual Candidate?)

You may have heard of a new type of orthodontic treatment. It goes much the same as the traditional type; utilizing brackets and wires to move teeth into alignment. But, alas, these braces mentioned herein are placed on the rear side of the teeth. Yes. That’s the back of your teeth. Read on for the lowdown on whether you are a good lingual candidate.

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Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces (Why Inside is Better than Outside)

What do cherry pie, piñatas, and braces have in common? They’re all better on the inside! It may seem like a strange comparison, but the fact is, braces are always better when they’re placed on the inside surface of your teeth! Braces affixed in this manner are known as hidden braces or lingual braces. This means they are placed on the surface of your tooth facing your tongue rather than the outside of your teeth. Lately, lingual braces are becoming very popular for many good reasons. Here are just a few:  Read more