Can I Wear [Harmony] Braces If I’m Pregnant?

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Being pregnant brings about changes in the body of a woman. Many inexperienced women get nervous during this period since they are unsure of what to eat or drink and even what medical procedures they can safely go through. One of the most troubling and confusing issues for expectant women is whether they should start or continue their orthodontic treatments. Generally, the treatment is safe for expectant women. However, you need to consider certain facts before you make a decision on whether or not you should wear lingual braces when expectant.


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X-Ray Images

When designing braces, orthodontists will need to take an X-ray of your mouth. This only needs to be taken once. The X-rays may affect your baby negatively and you would be better off avoiding treatment until you deliver. However, some orthodontists use equipment that blocks the lower body of a woman when taking the images, which helps to shield the baby from dangerous rays. Using such equipment can make the procedure safer.


Hormonal Changes When Pregnant

Changes in your hormones will affect a lot of your body processes. First, you will have a greater craving for food and braces will make it harder to eat. You will have to avoid certain foods because of your braces. These include:

• Chewy foods like hard rolls
• Crunchy foods
• Sticky foods
• Hard foods like nuts

To eat vegetables and similar foods, you will need to chop them up into small pieces. Pregnant women already have a limited diet, and this will reduce their choices even further. The problem is worsened by the cravings caused by hormonal changes.

Hormonal changes also lead to the development of certain dental conditions. Expectant women are at a higher risk of developing oral issues like periodontal diseases. But, how can lingual braces help with this?

Crooked teeth are harder to clean with a normal toothbrush, and this means more plaque is left between them. Braces can help align the teeth better and, therefore, reduce the risk of developing oral diseases. This is not just important for the expectant woman. Even the baby will benefit from proper oral health. Poor dental health in expectant women can negatively affect the uptake of nutrients in the woman’s body. In turn, this will affect the health of the developing fetus. If your teeth are misaligned, you may need to consult your doctor on how you can start your orthodontic treatment.



Anesthetics and other medications may negatively affect your developing fetus. However, orthodontic treatment does not always require the use of these medications. If you have to use medications, it is important to consult your doctor first.

Sometimes, orthodontic treatments may cause pain in the gums. This will often require patients to use painkillers, some of which may not be good for expectant women. Pregnancy brings along morning sickness and a lot of vomiting. The increased acidity in your mouth might cause some pain, and this may force you to swallow medication. All these have to be taken into consideration if you want to start or continue your orthodontic treatment as an expectant woman.


Continuously Visit your Orthodontist

When pregnant, women also experience changes in their body sizes, and these extend to their faces. That means the treatments have to be adjusted to fit the new shape of the mouth. It is advisable to continue your treatment through pregnancy since there are no real risks associated with it. However, you should explain all your challenges to your orthodontist so that they can decide whether you should continue your treatment or wait till you deliver. These problems should be evaluated continuously by your orthodontist through the pregnancy period.

It is also worth noting that the teeth will reverse to their original position once you stop the treatment. The teeth are slowly moved by the braces into position and are always slightly loose as this happens. Eventually, they get to the intended position and get fixed firmly after a period. If you stop treatment at any time when the teeth are still loose, they will easily reverse to the original misaligned state. This means you will have to restart treatment all over again.


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Want to Know the Best Part?

Orthodontic treatment is only an emergency if you have very poorly aligned teeth. Such teeth will be hard to clean and take care of. Because of hormonal changes, you are likely to develop serious oral conditions that will directly affect you and your developing baby. If you have bad breath or periodontal disease, you should also make a point of seeing your orthodontist. In case of emergencies, you can easily locate an orthodontist by contacting ELOS.

Important to note, lingual braces do not only care for your your teeth. They improve your overall health since you can get rid of bacteria more effectively. Also, you will appreciate the confidence boost you get after completing your orthodontic treatment.


Here’s the Kicker

If you had already started your orthodontic treatment before you got pregnant, it is also advisable to keep the braces on throughout the pregnancy. In any case, the baby will take too much of your time and focus once they are delivered. That will leave you with very little time to handle your braces. Also, you are unlikely to have time for all the visits you need to make to the orthodontist. In other words, you will have trouble managing your Invisalign treatments.

It is best for you to finish treatment in the few months of pregnancy before shifting all your focus to your newborn baby.


Expectant women can wear their braces comfortably. They don’t affect the baby in any way. If you want to start treatment, you should remember that the doctor will take X-ray images of your mouth and surrounding structures. Make sure the doctor uses blocking equipment to protect your child from radiation. Orthodontic treatment can improve your health and that of your developing fetus. You should talk to an orthodontist about getting lingual braces. You can find a lingual orthodontist near you by going through ELOS.

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Can I Wear [Harmony] Braces If I’m Pregnant?

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