Lingual braces are braces attached behind your teeth so no one knows you’re receiving orthodontic treatment and straightening your teeth. No embarrassing aligners to remove at the dinner table or food caught in your braces. In fact, lingual braces are the only truly invisible way to straighten your teeth consistently successfully.

By having an ELOS specialist place hidden braces on the inside surface of your teeth, you’ll be in the hands of a true lingual braces expert and you won’t be showing off any metal. Lingual braces are digitally designed and customized to fit the inside of your teeth. The lingual braces brands most commonly used today are Harmony braces, Incognito braces and Suresmile.


Lingual braces – the choice of stars

Ali Krieger – Soccer star

laughing brace wearer

Ali Krieger – Soccer star

ali krieger - dc united - lingual braces orthodontic patient