5 Foods That Can Damage [Your Braces]

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With the growth of technology, braces have become more popular. Now they are designed to be more sturdy, comfortable, and durable. However, you still need to take care of them if you want them to do their job properly. Once they are installed on your teeth, you might have to make some sacrifices and avoid certain foods.

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The kinds of food you must avoid are those that can cause damages to your braces by breaking them or moving them out of line. The movement caused by the food implies that the brace metals could damage your mouth by rubbing against the inside of it. Once the braces are damaged, you have to call and visit your orthodontist to get them repaired before you suffer more injuries. This might be a costly outcome that can be avoided by just avoiding the following foods.

High Acidity Foods

This type of food includes:

  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Drinks such as sodas

The high acidity foods are reactive with your teeth enamel. Since the braces are covering some parts of your teeth, the acid reacts with the parts that are exposed and are hard to clean. This then causes discoloration of your teeth. Once the braces are removed, you will see where they were as your teeth are discolored in that shape.

Sticky Foods

If you like eating candy, then you might want to sacrifice the sticky kind. Sticky candies tend to stick on your braces and pull them out of order. This can be damaging to your braces. If you have to eat candy, then choose the kind that does not stick. Avoid fruit roll-ups too.

Hard Foods

This is where you have to make hard sacrifices. Any type of food that is hard to bite and chew should be avoided at all cost. This includes fruits, snacks, and candies, among others.

  • Fruits such as apples, pears, raw carrots, should go nowhere near your teeth. As you take that bite, it can damage your braces. If you have to eat them, then you should cut them into small pieces such that you do not have to make big bites.
  • Snacks such as popcorn, pretzels, chips, taco shells, hard cookies, and hard pizza are also restricted. Find anything else to eat if you want to keep your braces intact and have a healthy mouth.
  • Nuts should be avoided. These include almonds and peanuts since they are hard to chew, and they can cause some serious damages to your braces. Also, don’t bite into lollipops or peppermints. The idea is that you shouldn’t bite on anything that is too hard to chew.

Too Much Sugar

Eating too much sugar or foods rich in sugar is a sure way of damaging your teeth hence the need to see a dentist or an orthodontist. Sugar causes your teeth to decay and causes cavities. With braces, this is even more dangerous as it gets harder to properly brush your teeth. During your time with braces, you risk getting tooth cavities if you eat foods rich in sugar. Try to avoid these.

Chewing Gum

This goes without saying, gum is strictly restricted. Gum sticks to your braces and causes a sticky situation where you have to pull it out at the expense of your braces. This can dislodge them or damage them as you pull it out. If you need to freshen your breath, find another way like brushing your teeth or sucking on some mint. No chewing gum.

chewing gum

The List goes on…

The list might seem long and hard to commit to but there are plenty of foods left that you can eat. Also, remember that this is just a short-term thing. You only need to abstain from these foods for a short while until your braces are removed.

To keep a healthy mouth, you still have to continue with your regular oral hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing etc. It is imperative to note that when wearing braces, this routine needs special attention. Do not just brush your teeth as you would without braces; take care and brush them softly. That goes for flossing too. Also, don’t forget your dental visits. Only a professional can tell you how effective the process is going.

Noteworthy Braces

Wearing braces does not have to be the hardest time of your life. By choosing the right braces and taking good care of them, you can go through this phase without a hassle. Braces were associated with nerds in school and that was embarrassing. This is why there has been an effort to develop braces that make you look like any other person around you. Braces that even an adult can wear. These are called the lingual brace.

These braces are installed behind your teeth and not in front. This is an ingenious way that allows you to wear braces that are hard to see unless someone is up close to you. This is the best way to fix your teeth and retain your smile the whole time without the braces showing. A lingual brace is simple maintenance and is as effective as any other brace. All you have to do is visit an ELOS expert and have them install the braces for you.


ELOS (Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club) is a group of orthodontists who are experts in lingual braces. These professionals offer a variety of dental services that you may need. Given that they are experts in this field, they can advise you on what type of braces are best for you. There are different types of lingual braces to choose from depending on your case. An ELOS expert can help you choose which is best.

To get the best results from these braces, you might need to visit an expert who understands this product. Any ELOS member is worth checking out if you need these braces.

Don’t be afraid of getting your teeth fixed. A beautiful smile is worth the inconvenience that a brace might cause for that period. With these special braces, the process is made even simple and comfortable for everyone. When you look at the after and before pictures of using the braces, you will have no doubt that it is worth the sacrifices.


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5 Foods That Can Damage [Your Braces]

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