3 Celebrities Who Wore Lingual Braces (2018)

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UPDATED 26-7-18

Above all, lingual orthodontics has a perfect new straightening option for adults or teens. Lingual technology offers one of the newest solutions in the orthodontic field, and celebrities are using it. 

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Certainly, appearance is a priority for many people who choose to have their teeth straightened, including TV news reporters, models, public speakers, Hollywood celebrities and royalty. Lingual braces are a perfectly discreet straightening solution as they are hidden behind the teeth.

Firstly, you are never too old to look great and to feel your best. Many people think that if you haven’t corrected your teeth in your teens that you have missed the chance. But that’s not true. A beautiful smile and relaxed confidence are appreciated by lingual users. How others perceive you and how you see yourself is an important concern, and while you may want a perfect smile, you also want to carry on with your normal routine and have minimal attention brought to your braces. Lingual technology provides a discrete choice that has been used by many well-known people. To clarify, here are three celebrity names you’ll probably recognize.


3 Celebrity Lingual Smiles

1. Miley Cyrus has a Picture Perfect Smile.

Miley Cyrus had a typical child’s adorable smile as a young star. In fact, crowded and misaligned teeth were apparent. She once again grabbed the attention of the world as a young adult when her signature photos repeatedly featured her huge smile and her protruding tongue. This drew attention to Miley’s perfectly straight teeth and a perfected jaw line. When did her teeth become perfect? She used lingual braces. These braces face the tongue and are attached on the inner back of the upper and lower teeth. She secretly, yet in front of the world, used an invisible solution.


2. Duchess Kate Middleton has a Graceful Royal Smile.

Correspondingly, Us Weekly featured the queen’s 90th birthday celebration, and Bulbul Dhar-James recounted his perfect question and Duchess Kate Middleton’s perfectly royal answer. “ ‘Aren’t you tired of smiling?’ I asked her, and she said, ‘I’m just reciprocating. Everyone is so warm.’ ” “I’m just reciprocating” is the graceful response that you would expect from Duchess Kate.

Where did she gain that confidence and graceful smile? Dr Touati shared that he provided orthodontic care for Kate in an interview with The Times magazine. His college Bernard Touati has since shared that he provided lingual technology for the Duchess that involved “micro-rotations” of her teeth. This is used to discretely create an improved, beautiful, natural smile. The lingual technology was used to customize hidden braces that were placed on the back of her teeth and facing her tongue.


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3. Kelly Brook’s Beautiful Modeling and Acting Smile.

Finally, Kelly Brook is a successful model and actress. She displays her beautiful, natural looking smile for the world to see. She was included in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World and had roles in Piranha 3D, a sitcom on NBC named One Big Happy, and many other venues and stages. Her smile is on constant display. How did she have her smile secretly perfected? She used lingual technology and invisibly had her teeth perfected to gain the attention needed for her modeling and acting career.


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True Invisibility

While you may not be a celebrity, you will still want to have your braces as unnoticeable as possible. The invisibility of lingual technology is a perfect solution for teens and adults who are interacting with people daily. This ensures that you are able to maintain your confidence as you continue to enjoy life naturally. Not to mention, the invisibility really makes a difference for important presentations, dates, reunions, a job interview, a wedding and many other important moments. They work on most adjustment needs.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, contact your orthodontist, and schedule a consultation to find out if this invisible technology will work for you. To clarify you can meet our member doctors here.

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3 Celebrities Who Wore Lingual Braces (2018)

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