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It’s the best kept secret for getting beautiful straight teeth and a better bite! You can truly straighten your teeth invisibly with no messy aligners to remove or anything covering up your smile.

Getting a better smile can be your secret with braces that are hidden on the back side of your teeth (best known as lingual braces since they are attached to the tongue side of your teeth). If you are thinking of getting a better smile, you probably know about clear ceramic braces and Invisalign®.

But you might be wondering how you are going to fit either option into your life. Will you have spinach in your braces at a business lunch?

Or you may wonder how to discreetly remove your aligners on a dinner date. Or will you be disciplined enough to wear your aligners? With completely invisible lingual braces, your braces are your secret – no one has to know and they won’t interfere with your busy life.

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So why haven’t you heard more about this amazing option to straighten your teeth? Quite simply it is because very few orthodontists are qualified to offer this treatment which requires additional training and expertise.

The Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club, Inc. (ELOS) is group of orthodontists who are experts in lingual braces. By visiting an ELOS member for your orthodontic care, you are guaranteed to be offered a truly Invisible Orthodontic Solution no matter how complex your case may be. When you seek out lingual braces, you might be told you are not a candidate for lingual braces by an orthodontist who is not a lingual expert. See our lingual braces vs Invisalign page for a breakdown of the differences between the two treatments. Additionally, you can view our before and after lingual braces page, to see first-hand the amazing results achieved.

Anyone can be effectively treated with lingual braces in the hands of an experienced lingual orthodontist close to you. By visiting an ELOS member, you are guaranteed to be treated lingually if you so desire.

ELOS Doctors are extremely skilled orthodontists who also offer other traditional orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, clear and conventional braces. Our doctors will give you the best treatment, regardless of how you choose to straighten your teeth.

ELOS members may use different brands of lingual braces (Harmony, Incognito, Suresmile), but all will offer you the most discreet, highest quality cosmetic orthodontic treatment no matter how complex your case may be. You can also read lingual braces reviews here.

ELOS members have been through a highly selective process by presenting complex orthodontic cases treated with lingual braces and achieving very high standards of finished cases, and many are well-known speakers and educators in lingual orthodontics in the U.S. and Canada.